You Can Bring Hope Today

On this page, you will find gifts that will help a woman and her family break the cycle of poverty while also serving as a tangible expression of Jesus' love for them.

Give gifts that help rescue women from poverty and bring Christ's love.

BioSand Water Filter


Many poor regions of Asia have no source of pure drinking water. Using concrete and sand these bio water filters remove impurities providing water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure. For $32 help provide pure water in an Asian village.



When a Dalit family receives your present of a goat or a pair of goats it will be a special day! Goats are hardy and can live in almost any climate. And a pair of goats produces at least two kids each year. Their manure is also good fertilizer. Your gift of goats will be a good way to bring a little joy to a poor familys world.

Hope for Suffering Women

Bring immediate aid to women in Asia by giving a one-time gift to the “Hope for Suffering Women” fund.

Sewing Machine


Many families work as labourers sometimes having to sell their children just to earn enough money to support their family. By providing a sewing machine to those in need they now have a chance to start their own tailoring business. Once the sewing machine is given classes are provided so people can start putting their new machines to good use.

Support a Woman Missionary for One Year


Partner with a woman missionary and help share the love of Christ with other women in Asia. They minister in many ways including evangelism ministering to widows conducting womens fellowships and providing literacy training.

Widows and Abandoned Children


Blamed for their husbands death widows in South Asian society are viewed as cursed and left to fend for themselves. Abandoned children face similar circumstances and are forced to provide for their own livelihood. The Widows and Abandoned Children fund provides GFA with the means to help these women and children.

Womens Literacy Program


Women across South Asia gather each week for literacy classes where they learn reading writing and math skills. When a woman completes the course shes able to read warning labels to protect her children and understand contracts to avoid bonded labor. She wont get cheated at the marketplace because she will finally know how to add. And she can read the Bible for herself and teach it to her children.
Empower Women with the Ability to Read
These women must become better equipped to survive in a society that frequently takes advantage of them. Classrooms are available and willing teachers are ready all these eager students need is a literacy book and something to write on. Please donate toward these effective teaching tools.

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