Donate to help prevent disease

Provide Mosquito Nets and Free Medical Camps

Prevent diseases and help cure illnesses with medical camps and mosquito nets

Prevention is better than cure. But what if you can't afford either?

Too poor to afford things like vitamins, fruits and vegetables—or routine doctor visits—families in poverty are left vulnerable to simple diseases, which can eventually threaten their lives. These families may have to make the difficult choice between feeding their family or buying necessary medicine.

That's why Gospel for Asia helps provide life-saving medicines for them , conducts free medical camps, gives out mosquito nets and provides health education.

Help support the cost of medical camps for needy communities.

Provide mosquito nets for families. One net costs $12.

Qualified doctors and nurses treat illnesses at free medical camps

GFA-sponsored medical camps invite sick and needy women, children and families from poor communities to get checkups from qualified teams of doctors and nurses at no cost.

At these free medical camps, teams diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, give out medicine, advise parents and assist those who need further treatment.

While people wait in line, the health care staff teaches them about hygiene, hand washing, sanitation, nutrition, clean water and regular checkups for pregnant mothers. The size and scope of each medical camp can vary depending on its location, but most camps serve 200 to 1,000 people. One woman waited in line with 450 other people, when she saw the doctor, it was discovered she had an appendicitis. The next day she had an operation at no cost to her.

"I am so grateful to the church for this great help."
—Neeta, a 39-year-old woman from the slums with appendicitis

Help Sponsor a Medical Camp

$400 can help serve 200-1,000 poor people at a medical camp.

In areas where there is widespread malaria, these doctors will urge those who visit the medical camps to remove all stagnant water around their homes, which is the breeding ground for mosquitos, and to always sleep under mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets keep malaria and infectious diseases away from kids and families

Mosquito nets protect families at night when they are vulnerable to bites. These nets help prevent dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, the zika virus, and many other infectious diseases caused by insect bites.

A single mosquito net costs only $12, but due to poverty and the lack of education, many families do not purchase this simple, disease preventing tool for their families. And because each next can last for two to three years, the gift of a net can promote good health in a family for years.

Recently, some GFA-supported missionaries distributed 1,000 mosquito nets to poor children who smiled as they learned how to use the nets correctly, so they could be protected from infected mosquitos.

"…these mosquito nets will protect my family from malaria."
—Dandak, a 45-year-old father of two who received mosquito nets

Give Mosquito Nets

One net costs $12. A simple $60 gift can potentially protect 5 families for three years!

You can read more about GFA-support medical ministry here.