Help Transform Whole Communities

Christmas is one day long, but your Christmas gift can link your life with someone in Asia for an entire year! Bless families and even transform entire communities by helping to provide an education for needy children or by supporting the work of national missionaries. Through your gift, communities will not just hear about Christ but also see that He cares about them—all year long.

National Missionaries Fund

With a focus to reach villages with the Good News, thousands of national missionaries work day after day to bring the message of hope to those who so desperately need to hear. Your gift to the National Missionaries Fund enables missionaries who are under-supported, especially those just starting out, to continue to work full-time reaching more people with Christ’s love without having to leave the field.


Sponsor a Child


Dalit Untouchable) and low-caste children are told they are worthless to their society. You can tell them Jesus loves them. Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope centers give destitute children the opportunity to learn how to read and write. They're taught academics and given a meal each day as well as much-needed medical care. Above all they learn the Creator of the universe loves them deeply. You can give another child the same opportunity for little more than $1 per day.

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Sponsor a Woman Missionary


Women missionaries are dedicated individuals who are willing to lay their lives on the line each day even if it means just one more person hears the name of Jesus. They minister in many ways including evangelism ministering to widows conducting womens fellowships and providing literacy training.

Partner with a woman missionary and help share the love of Christ with other women in Asia.

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