Gifts for Ministry

Give Others the Chance to Hear About Christ and to Grow in Him

Many people have yet to hear the wonderful story of Christ’s birth. Through these gifts, you can enable national workers to give others the chance to hear about Jesus, grow in Him, and praise Him in a local fellowship. Through you, many will get the chance to know and worship our Saviour!

Church Building

The sounds of praise coming from a new church building are a dream for many congregations in Asia. With many new believers there is a huge and ever-growing need for buildings to shelter them from the weather and anti-Christian forces.

Depending on the capacity and the location church building construction cost varies. Due to the tremendous growth on the field many of the churches GFA is building can hold 500 people.

Suggested donation: $13000 to $45000


Musical Instrument


National missionary teams draw a crowd when they enter a village and begin playing worship songs with their musical instruments. The two most common musical instruments used in Asian worship are drums and tambourines. You can provide a drum for a missionary for $28 and tambourines for only $8 each.

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A chance to read the Bible on their own is a gift that every national missionary wants to give the people they minister among. You can provide a missionary and the believers his disciples with Bibles and New Testaments.

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Gospel Tracts


Help a national missionary share the story of our Savior with Gospel tracts to pass out in his village. Literature is treasured in Asia so a packet of Gospel tracts is a gift that you can be sure will be passed on and read by others. Your gift of $10 will provide 1000 Gospel tracts for a national missionary to share.

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VBS Scholarships


Everyone loves a good story especially one thats true and life-changing. Millions of children in Asia would love to hear the story of Jesus even once. For just $5 your gift of VBS materials for one of these precious children will guarantee that he or she will hear about Jesus love again and again through skits Bible songs and teaching. They will also have colorful Gospel literature to take home.


Radio Programs


15-minute program for $55 or one hour of programming for $220
GFA radio provides answers through quality uplifting radio and music. We address tough issues like substance abuse anger family problems feticide gossip and depression from a Christian perspective. The conversational tone of our media ensures that everyone can relate and understand. Educational and value-oriented our content provides hope for a happy healthy life.

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