Gifts from the Stable

Provide for Families for Years to Come

Millions of families in Asia are entrenched in poverty, barely scraping by. The gift of barnyard animals completely changes their situation! Families can sell the offspring of their livestock to further develop the family’s financial stability or to help meet urgent needs. Or they can keep the young to make even more profit—either way, your initial investment will be multiplied!

Beyond the physical benefits of these income-generating gifts, the extra finances bring dignity to the families, and gratitude wells up in many hearts toward Christ.

Chickens - pair


For the family of a Bridge of Hope child a rooster and hen are not pets. They are the source of up to 40 dozen eggs a year! When the pair produces chicks a flock develops that will provide nourishment and income for years.

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Pigs - pair


A pig may not sound like a typical gift but if you were a poor South Asian family it would be wonderful! A pair of pigs provides a litter of piglets every year and bacon and pork can soon follow. Income from the sale of the piglets also aids the family and as with all animals GFA provides offspring are given to help other families get a leg up economically and socially.

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Goats - pair


When a Dalit family receives your present of a goat or a pair of goats it will be a special day! Goats are hardy and can live in almost any climate. And a pair of goats produces at least two kids each year. Their manure is also good fertilizer. Your gift of goats will be a good way to bring a little joy to a poor family's world.

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Lambs - pair


Lambs are an eternal symbol of God's love for us in the gift of His Son. What better way to share His love with a poor family than through a lamb that can grow to provide wool for income and milk to drink. A pair of sheep can produce lambs that can be sold at market, and they are also a source of meat.

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Cows seem to be everywhere in India but many poor families dont have one. Cows provide a lot of good milk to drink ... and to make yogurt cheese and butter! They also produce calves that can be sold for income or used to produce even more dairy products for additional income. A dairy cow is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.

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Water Buffalo


A gift of a water buffalo to a poor South Asian family is good news indeed! Transportation plough animal cart hauler milk giver and more-all in one sturdy creature that is often considered a member of the family.

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Barnyard Bundle


This is a noisy bunch of critters! The Barnyard Bundle includes three pairs of chickens a pair of goats a pair of pigs one lamb and one cow which are distributed among several families. Above the commotion of clucking bleating and mooing animals recipients give a hearty “thank you” for demonstrating God’s love.

Bundle Includes:
6 Chickens: $36
2 Goats: $140
2 Pigs: $65
1 Lamb: $65
1 Cow: $440

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Noah's Ark Package


"Animals the animals they came in by twosies twosies." Well with this Noah's Ark package we aren't taking the animals onto a giant wooden ship but we can bless many families in Asia with the gift of two of each animal!

Package Includes:
2 Chickens: $12
2 Goats: $140
2 Pigs: $65
2 Lambs: $130
2 Cows: $880
2 Water Buffalo: $1080


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