Relief on a Bicycle

Step … step … step … Every footstep wracked the man's legs with pain. Step … step … step … Just a few more steps. [...] […] Read more »

From Unsuccessful Sacrifices to Meaningful Praises

Bindal watched as his parents bought another animal sacrifice for an annual festival. His heart was troubled, because he knew their money was limited. Bindal knew the significance of these blessings, but he worried for his parents' financial security. He wondered if there was a way out of this life. [...] […] Read more »

Praying for a Piggy

Pigs and other income-generating gifts can dramatically improve a poor family's financial condition, and they also remind recipients of God's love! [...] […] Read more »

A Gift for a Paralyzed Man

Himmat couldn't move. The 60-year-old man watched as his wife, Aarini, left their one-room house to go look for work because he couldn't. Poverty afflicted the family their entire lives, but ever since Himmat became paralyzed, he and his wife suffered even more than they had before. [...] […] Read more »

A Gift for a Father

Nadish's son Tanoj (pictured) attends a Bridge of Hope center. Through a GFA-supported gift distribution for Bridge of Hope students' families, Nadish received a life-changing gift! [...] […] Read more »

Protection from the Cold

This Christmas, many people living in the mountainous regions of Asia will not be protected from cold weather, as they have no winter clothing. But GFA-supported community development  initiatives, like Christmas gift distributions, hope to change the lives of many. [...] […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Paves Way for a Brighter Future After Pigs Die

Pramiti wandered into the forest. The responsibilities of caring for her aged father and her own burning desire to finish college weighed on her young shoulders. As she plucked fruit to later sell in the market, she knew the fruit of her labor was simply not enough to meet all her needs. [...] […] Read more »

Sanitation, Safety and the Savior

Reuel and his family[pictured] were overjoyed when their church constructed a toilet for them. Now they have a private and safe place to use the restroom. [...] […] Read more »

Building Each Other Up

Kamsa received tin sheets and a brand new home of her own, like this one, in her time of great need! [...] […] Read more »

Stitching Together a New Life with Jesus

Many people, like Kavana (pictured), are receiving gifts like a sewing machine through GFA's Christmas Gift Catalog, which helps them improve their living conditions by earning a steady income. [...] […] Read more »

Now She’s Double

Saachi, her aunt Laboni and her 9-year-old son (pictured) received a mosquito net and a new blanket for the first time, as well as new hope in Jesus Christ. [...] […] Read more »

Wheels that Broke the Cycle of Poverty

Rickshaws are a common mode of transportation in many Asian nations. Some carry cargo while others are designed for transporting passengers. Prabhal (not pictured) utilized his rickshaw to feed his family and send his daughter to school. [...] […] Read more »

After Five Years of Watching

Rupashi (pictured) uses her sewing machine to provide for her son, mother and mother-in-law. Her story is a testimony of God's provision and care. [...] […] Read more »

Recipe for Masala Chai

Tea has been an important part of Asian culture for thousands of years. We love seeing photos of people from so many different regions enjoying a cup of tea! Here is one of our favorite recipes for Masala Chai, a type of tea that millions of people in Asia consume every day. [...] […] Read more »

Unexpected Gifts Come . . . Squawking

When Anhithi, Yuktha, Aadita and Risha visited the homes of widows in the area where they were ministering as Sisters of Compassion, they had opportunities to help the widows with chores and comfort them with words of Scripture. But the four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries wanted to help the women in another practical way: by providing them with a source [...] […] Read more »

Water Is No Longer a Burden to Him

Yaswar carried the heavy water pots on his shoulders. The long walk to the nearest water source wearied the 51-year-old's body, but his main job was to make sure the workers at the tea garden had water to drink when they needed it. If he was ever late in bringing water, his co-workers grumbled and scolded him. Yaswar never said [...] […] Read more »

A Toilet Brought Them Dignity

Piya was just one widow among the 2.4 billion people in the world who lack access to adequate sanitation. The only time Piya and her children were able to venture out to use the outdoors for their toilet purposes was early in the morning before sunrise or after the sun set. They didn't feel comfortable going out in broad daylight […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Unlocks Survival

The hum of the sewing machines filled the tailoring shop where Jash worked. Even though that sound meant work, which meant income, which should've meant being able to provide for his family, Jash knew the money he earned was barely paying for his family's housing fees and the transportation for his job. Though Jash worked hard, his employer never offered [...] […] Read more »


Pretvan had a reputation of being a dangerous man […] Read more »


Throughout the day, 43 people passed through the cluster of clinic chairs sitting in a park to donate blood. Among them was Bhe, a man in his 30s donning worn-out clothes, unpolished shoes and ragged hair. [...] […] Read more »

Finding Shelter in Christ

The small hut's bamboo poles supported a thin plastic roof that attempted to provide shelter for the family sleeping fitfully beneath its cover. It failed. [...] […] Read more »

Blessings in the Night

Fog lay across the streets, and temperatures were quickly dropping. Motorists were advised to avoid driving, especially during the night. Some people didn't have a place to stay or a way to keep warm; they had no choice but to endure the extreme weather alone. With temperatures at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, work came to an end for many laborers, and [...] […] Read more »

Lambs Lift His Burdens

Lalitchandra knew he needed to get up. He had to provide for his family somehow, they needed his help to get out of their poverty. But as he contemplated going to search for work, his hand started aching unbearably. He couldn't even drag himself out of bed. [...] […] Read more »

A Blanket to Warm Their Hearts

Winter raged outside the small home, knocking at every side and plowing through any cracks it could find. It didn't have to look hard. A cold dread had already descended on the inhabitants of this meager dwelling, filling their hearts with apprehension and uncertainty. Inside, a 9-year-old boy lay quietly while his mother, Arushi, looked on. Her little Aayushmaan had [...] […] Read more »

Growing in God

For countless years, the men and women of a village in Bangladesh worshiped the traditional gods and goddesses of their religion. Day and night, the villagers prayed to their deities, not knowing any other way of life. [...] […] Read more »

Calling on a Dead Man

After five years of typhoid, the magician on a TV commercial seemed as good a bet as any for healing. Seva had seen multiple doctors, but tests didn't even show that she was sick, so Seva and her family paid the magician's fee. Unfortunately, he couldn't cure the typhoid either. [...] […] Read more »

Full Healing and a Sturdy Ceiling

Kalith and his forefathers had a deal: He worshiped them with sacrifices of goats, pigs and chickens, and they kept him from harm. So when Kalith started experiencing severe stomach pain, he couldn't figure out why his forefathers didn't heal him. [...] […] Read more »

No Reason to Quit or to Return

After years of holding prayer meetings in his house, Gospel for Asia pastor Chitral and his congregation were getting a church building, and with the Lord's help, they had hired one of the best construction engineers in the city to work on it. [...] […] Read more »

Unexpected Pastor, Accidental Mission Field

Kalap isn't what most people think of when asked to describe the pastor of a thriving church; he stammers painfully, whether speaking to individuals or a crowd. When he first arrived in the village where he now ministers, the zealous residents met him with fierce hostility. [...] […] Read more »